Announcing Anthropic Claude Support! πŸŽ‰

Zep v0.10.0, released today, supports Anthropic's Claude family of LLMs for summarization and extraction tasks.

Announcing Anthropic Claude Support! πŸŽ‰

Anthropic's Claude family of LLMs offers companies a safer and very capable alternative to other LLM-as-a-Service vendors. Claude's massive 100K token window is ideal for Zep's summarization and language extraction tasks. Support for the claude-2 and claude-instant-1 models is now available in Zep v0.10.0.

Configuring Zep to use Claude

Modify your config.yaml file, setting llm.service to anthropic and llm.model to either claude-2 or claude-instant-1.

Please see Zep's config documentation for more details, including how to use environment variables to do the above.

OpenAI Model Updates

Zep now also supports several new OpenAI model variants. The full list of models may be found below. See the Zep's config documentation for details on how to configure these.

Provider Model
OpenAI gpt-3.5-turbo
OpenAI gpt-3.5-turbo-16k
OpenAI gpt-4
OpenAI gpt-4-32k
Anthropic claude-instant-1
Anthropic claude-2

Zep Server v0.10.0 Improvements and Bug Fixes

Zep includes the following improvements and bug fixes:

  • OpenAI API call reliability: API throttling and service availability issues can be problematic for production services. Zep now has improved support for HTTP 429 and 503 Retry-After directives.
  • Session Deletion Behavior Change: Persisting memory to a soft-deleted session no longer results in an error. Doing so will now undelete the Session, but keep the previously deleted Memory messages soft-deleted. These messages will be hard deleted when a subsequent Purge task runs.

Additional details on minor bug fixes and improvements may be found in the v0.10.0 Release Notes.

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