ICYMI: Zep X Langchain, Session Metadata, and more 🔥⚡️

ICYMI: Zep X Langchain, Session Metadata, and more 🔥⚡️
Photo by Eric Krull / Unsplash

July was a busy month at Zep! Just in case you missed anything, here's a roundup:

Diagnosing and Fixing Slow Chatbots 🐢🐢🐢

(originally published on the Langchain blog)

Is your LLM app slow? Poor chatbot response times can result in frustrated users and churn. Langchain’s new LangSmith service makes it easy to diagnose the cause of latency in an LLM app. In this article, we use LangSmith to analyze a very slow Langchain app and improve performance by an order of magnitude using Zep. 🚀

Goodbye Web Forms, Hello Chat Messages 💬💬💬

A Guide to using OpenAI Functions and Langchain to extract structured data from LLM app conversations. Combined with Zep's new Session Metadata (below) this is super powerful.

Session Metadata 👾, Custom OpenAI Endpoints 🔧, & Kubernetes Deployment 🔥

Zep now supports adding arbitrary metadata to Sessions and more deployment options!

Thanks to community member Drew Baumann for contributing support for custom OpenAI endpoints!

Improved Langchain Support! 🎈🎈🎈

Langchain now includes improved support for Zep, with a new ZepMemory class, access to enriched messages, and more.

More good stuff to come in August! Watch this space!

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