New Features: JWT Authentication, Azure OpenAI APIs, & Configurable Hard Deletion

Zep now supports JWT Authentication, Azure OpenAI APIs and OpenAI OrgIDs, and a configurable, periodic purge of soft-deleted data.

New Features: JWT Authentication, Azure OpenAI APIs, & Configurable Hard Deletion

Today, we're excited to announce Zep v0.7.1, with several updates that improve the security, integration capabilities and maintenance ergonomics of Zep's Memory Store for LLM applications.

JWT Authentication

Zep now optionally supports JWT (JSON Web Token) authentication. While we continue to advise running Zep on a private network wherever feasible, we recognize this is not always possible. JWT authentication can now be used to secure access to a Zep implementation.

This feature is fully supported in Zep's Python and JS SDKs and Langchain integrations [Langchain updates pending merge of PRs by the Langchain team: Python and JS].

Please refer to the JWT Authentication documentation for more configuration instructions.

Azure OpenAI APIs and OrgIDs

For users building applications on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, Zep now offers support for Azure OpenAI APIs.

Moreover, Zep now supports OpenAI OrgIDs. Companies with OrgIDs can now associate OpenAI usage with the correct organization.

Please refer to the Zep OpenAI API documentation for details.

Configurable Hard Deletion

Zep soft-deletes Sessions and related memory data. To assist customers with purging these records, we've introduced a feature that provides a configurable, periodic, hard deletion. Hard-deletion purging defaults to every hour.

If your company would prefer to manage its data retention strategies, this feature can be turned off.

Please refer to the Data Management documentation for instructions on configuring this feature.

Next steps

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